Video Walk Through Tours

Buyers can quickly grasp the essence of your property from the convenience of a computer. Imagine having an Open House 24 hours a day except its all happening online. Click here to view our YouTube channel.

Floor Plans

Each property we list will have floor plans showing the exact dimensions of each floor. This gives buyers a better feel for the layout of the house and where the rooms are located.

Staging & Design

We are here to help you with staging your home to sell or with designing the perfect layout for a remodel. Our interior designer will sit down and work one-on-one with you to find your wants and needs to make sure you have the best possible use of space.

Water Meter Reading

A part of closing for a property using City of Janesville water is to turn in a water meter reading to the closing company. The water meter can usually be found in the lower level of a home and is usually found near mechanicals that use water(water softener, heater, purifier...) The water meter is attached to the copper water pipe coming up out of the floor and the numbers that need to be turned in are found on top of the meter(in this case 102512). These numbers(all 6 digits, including any "0's") are used by the closing and water company to determine a final water bill.

Moving Trailer

All clients receive complimentary use of this enclosed trailer. Before using the trailer please view the instructional video here. We also provide 5 complimentary moving boxes to buyers and sellers. Additional boxes can be purchased at $2 per box.

Professional Photos

We carefully take pictures of your home to best market the property through virtual tours as well as still images.

Movie Tickets

We have movie tickets for sale to Movies 10 in Janesville. These tickets are $6 and are used as general admission tickets to the movie of your choice. Stop in to the Pontiac Convention Center Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm to make your purchase.